We can not have frequencies poisoning through spooky device, is it right?

Never say never. I can't say that someone can't be that susceptible, but it won't be the same as with radio frequency EMF damage.

There is definitely a frequency fatigue capability if a generator loses USB communication to the computer such that it runs the same frequency constantly for many hours. This can exhibit as irritability, tension, muscle or nerve irritation, etc., but generally dissipates rapidly once the issue is resolved - by shutting down the generator or restarting the software to reconnect proper USB communications and allowing the generator to "move on" normally again.

The other issue that is possible is that there would be too much done at once or too quickly that causes discomfort. Again, stop for a period - only the user will be able to tell how long is proper - then continue with less generators, or less power, etc., to allow the body to build capability to tolerate the frequency stimulation.

When I started, 1 generator was too much and I had to run for a period, pause for an hour or so, run for another period, pause for a short time, etc. I think I ran like this for about 2 days prior to the body accepting the frequency input full time. Every time I have added generators to the system, I have had to make sure I didn't add too quickly - but now I am running 7 full time for me, and handling it quite well; doing significant amounts of pathogen elimination and simultaneous detox.

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