Anyone with experience in handling Graves disease using Spooky2?

1. Hashimotos. But not treating it specifically cause am taking high dose thyroid. Since I take thyroid supplementation, running balance, normalize of hormones bottoms me out. I think it cancels out my meds or blocks their properties as it tries to balance me.

If I were not on medicine, it would like balance me. Dealing with many other issues. Not ready to give up my thyroid meds yet.

I ran the terrain and ML protocol from April - October. Afterwards I ran EBV (had it 35 years ago but it has always effected me). I plan to run it again after Christmas along with bioscans. I feel better than I have in several years. One of my children even commented that I had better stamina than I have had in years, not crashing 2-3x a day. So it is the best Christmas season I have had in years.

One thing though, you have to rife the right program. Many times during rifing, I feel bad. Due to autoimmunity, rifing what I have in my body seems like it causes inflammation. But when I break from rifing, I feel a bit better than I did before. Mind is clearer too. So it had been a roller coaster going uphill.

2. There are programs for Graves and Hyperthyroidism that may help with your condition. The last 2 in this list are molecular weights of medicines that translate to frequencies, which you may or may not want to experiment with.


3. There is some speculation that fluoride is something that affects the thyroid and can be a factor in Graves. Much to my surprise, it comes out tops on my scans of metals/chemicals. So, no doubt doing a thorough Spooky detox will help.

Fluoride/fluorine, bromide/bromine, chloride/chlorine, and iodide/iodine are all from the halogen group of the periodic table. The higher order elements from the group will work to push the lower order elements of the group out if the body. Therefore, the most powerful is first in the list above, on down. Iodine gets pushed out by the other three.

Since both fluoride and chlorine get added to my local water, I supplement with iodine on a regular basis.

Iodine is very important and lack of it is implicated in breast and prostate problems (iodine is a natural germicide, keeping bodily fluids healthy).

4. Also google mercury and graves disease. Even if you do not have "silver" fillings (50% mercury), you can still breathe it in from the air due to manufacturing processes and coal plants. Cheers and good luck researching. It is easy to find.


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