A few days ago I put my sister's DNA in my remote and 3 days later I got really sick. Before I added her to my remote I was very Healthy. I was just wondering could it be possible that I got sick from her DNA?

1. All treatments and changes in dna\rna\chromo will influence all relatives. Just like a tree. It will spread but the intension is greater the closer to the tree.

Besides, doing remote scalar wave transmissions will surely be picked up by your system even if it does not contain a relatives dna.

Besides above, it also could be possible that bugs got free. Use ozone in your treatment room or nebulize VG.

2. The DNA, even between relatives, is unique. As relatives, they may have many similarities but there are distinct differences in the DNA.

The Spooky remotes send out frequencies, not matter. So there is no way to infect or alter the DNA of the recipient or anyone who physically handled the DNA sample. Simply put, the frequencies sent by the Spooky remotes, via the DNA sample, will either heal the recipient or do nothing! They will not do any damage. If you touch someone else's DNA sample with bare hands you most likely contaminated it with your body liquids/sweat and probably your DNA therefore you will also be receiving the beneficial frequencies via your DNA left on the sample.

I know quite a few researchers who handle DNA samples with bare hands, from seriously ill people but never had any problem.

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