I had a prostectomie on 5/12/16 and was following the prostate cancer protocol. I was able to stabilize my psa's but not knowing for how long I have had the cancer the operation was my best option.

1. Here is plenty of information relating to the use of Spooky2 and prostate.

Also google this spooky2 and prostate youtube.

You will find a wealth of information that will not require you to purchase anything more than the Spooky2 system you already have!

2. I suggest that the post operative protocol should be the same as the preoperative protocol.

I used my home made plasma machine and followed Dr Hamer's protocol for prostate (Adenoma) cancer -

The following post makes lots of recommendations that would be beneficial in your recovery as well

For more details, please check the link:

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    This is probably great information... but since FORUM does not seem to work to acquire entrance, or anyone allowing one to get permission, then I am lost as to how one is supposed to see the information from you.

    I have asked multiple times using AOL email address, then noticed somewhere that AOL sends Spooky2 emails as Spam and does not pass them to me, so I used a different email service weeks ago that has no communication except to Spooky2 and I have heard nothing. 

    Possibly you can load these answers as a PDF file so we can see something?

    The Forum lack of response is frustrating. Many pages have links to go there and bam, the door is closed in our face as we have no permission to get in. Sad.

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