Preset for Helicobacter Pylori.

Studies are linking Helicobacter Pylori bacteria to many diseases, not only gastric ulcer, but stomach cancer, anemia, iron deficiency, thyroid issues, and Diabetes2.

Using the statistical analysis of the frequencies computed for the numerous strains of that pathogen, I have prepared one preset for remote mode.
It runs for 200 hours, that is 8.3 days.
The boost device is necessary to mix both Outs.
If you get any herx during the process, write down the step in which the reaction is produced, to insist if necessary.

As water is the medium where vibration occurs, proper hydration is a must, not only to eliminate all the debris produced, but to allow the process of killing the micro-organisms.
As always, feedback is welcome.

MM_Helicobacter Pylori Stepped Sweep (R).txt
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