If stories are true about Fukushima radiation landing on the Oregon coast, what frequencies might be beneficial to counter the radiation effects?

1. Very good question, and may be hard to answer.

For radiation, typically one is given an iodine shot. The reason being that a common radioactive isotope of iodine that one can get very sick from likes to lodge into the thyroid. If one takes iodine first, and the thyroid absorbs its limit of iodine, there is no room for the radioactive isotope to stick and start to do damage. Consequently, the isotope will pass through you with limited exposure.

I'm not sure if running say the frequency of iodine would have the same effect. You could try it, but there is no data to suggest it will have the same effect.

Perhaps others may have something to offer on this topic.

Otherwise, this may be a question best asked on the user forum.

2. I would suggest Lugols Iodine rather than frequency simulation.

3. Living on Northern, Ca coast, I never see any sea life, really creepy. I myself iodine every other day one day nascent iodine, next day lugols. I rife few times a month "iodine, radiation detox, thyroid" I try and consume an anti-radiation diet or macrobiotic diet, with organic miso, brown rice, kelp powder etc....(more info in pdf below) The most influential information concerning my diet is this pdf report "Dietary Practice of Hiroshima/Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Survivors" Anti Radiation diet.pdf : bit.ly/2hWGaGQ

For more details, please check the link:

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