Is there a list of parasites in order of size, smallest to largest? I've read that when working with parasites you should start with the smallest and work up to the largest.

1. What I think is meant is to kill viruses first, followed by bacterium, then parasites. If you have reference saying you should start with smallest parasite to largest please share it.

2. It all depends on whats bugging you. For example a lot of people have heartworms. Go to the doctor for a pill and the source of the problem stays.

So what use is it killing thousands viruses, bacteria etc. ? It does not solve the source problem, if .... for example, you have heartworms.

The best info can be found by owners of a dog, cat, horse, rabbit, bird etc. Scan these and scan yourself and you will see 99,99% similarity in bugs by both. (so treat both otherwise there will be continuous infections).

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    Terry Perrel

    Penny,  I, too, had the same question because of prior blog on M/L which says:

    When you kill hundreds of thousands of large parasites like mites ("large" by comparison with bacteria), you're leaving all their internal and external parasites alive. When the insect bodies decompose, all those living fungi, bacteria, and viruses are released into your bloodstream.

    And now you're in big trouble. Since you've just killed their hosts of choice, you will have to take their place. You've just given your already-overburdened immune system an enormous number of extra headaches to deal with.

    So the rule of rifing is this:

    Always work from smallest to largest.

    This can also be stated as: work from the inside to the outside, from the things contained to the container itself.

    If you proceed like this, you won't end up in the awful trouble that I did, because when you finally get to kill your biggest parasites, you should already have killed everything they might have unleashed.

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