If I put the tick on spooky to kill the others, since the tick was on my dog and is probably filled with the dog's blood? Does this mean I could harm the dog in the process of trying to kill off the abundance of ticks in my yard?

1. You may kill whatever pathogens are within the dog, along with the pathogens that are within the tick, and you may kill the digestive bacteria within the tick and those of his family. As long as you feed the dog well, I doubt there would be any lasting effects from this.

2.If tick is too big, I have been squooshing on paper towel to retrieve blood or bug juices and its head. Toss body. I assume DNA is in its head. I put this on a paper DNA label (as seen in file section), cover with Spooky2 tape to place in remote. Make sure bug guts are dry before inserting or will need to clean the remote with alcohol before human DNA goes in.

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