Can Spooky with the correct leads in guessing coils be used as a tDCS device?

I know brain stimulator devices for 25 years and also own a David Paradise XL and CES for many years.

I am convinced Spooky2 can do this far much better BUT there are no presets yet so you have to make your own.
And take care to limit the voltage as I already felt several times.

But it has to be with CONTACT to get the results so a pemf coil wont give the same results. (there is only 1 remote preset for entrainment)

A CES for example can be used alone with 2 earclips but also with freqs or music by the paradise XL.
All basic sources are already available in Spooky2 it only needs to be programmed so users can use.

For more details, please check the link:

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