Will being grounded stop the beneficial frequencies from my body using Spooky2 Remote?

All is Bio North orientated. The emf from wifi and house electrical devices, wires, etc. paralyze your bioreceptors from spinning and being N orientated. No vortex spin means no nuclear energy force. No battery power.

The grounding helps in eliminating emf as you can feel by being better.

The scalar waves only carry the NEW healed DNA sign to your body/brain and is evaluated for correction by the brain and parasympathetic system. The brain knows best If it has the communication fuell like sodium bicarbonate + magnesium bicarbonate (the brain communicates by a sodium bicarbonate molecule and a magnesium bicarbonate molecule with all the millions of bioreceptors to take action, to bring balance, to energize, to heal, to fight).

So being grounded won't affect Remote. Remote is working on your DNA, not your body directly.

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