What we can do to help killing candidas?

1. Taking probiotics.

2. Killing the virus living in candida, since it will change the DNA of candida, and help them mutate, making it harder to kill candidas.

3. After some time of running candida killing programs, the candidas may have mutated. In this case, we should use wobbling. We are suggesting to set the Spectrum to have a WCM of 32 and a Spectrum value of 0.1%, so the wobble will be faster.

4. Researching herbs good for Candida, stumbled upon Pau D Arco as being effective for it. Then suddenly remembered we have Cistus Incantus. Made tea combining both herbs and voila, all candida symptoms disappeared after taking just one mug of the tea. Now am taking it everyday, twice a day.

5. Spooky will kill Candida, but the body's immune system will generally keep Candida in check unless it is being used to keep some other substance sequestered... 

I have read and experienced that Candida keeps metals (mercury and possibly arsenic) out of the bloodstream in cases where the elimination system is not functioning properly. Removing the metals may be what is necessary to allow the immune system to control / remove the Candida. If this is the case, Candida will flare when starting to remove the metals, just so you know when it happens...

6. Just read an article today about Coconut oil has been proven to help kill candida!

I used GSE Grapefruit Seed Extract. I think it kills friendlies too so, repopulate asap.
Oil of Oregano should work too.
Actually likely MANY herbs and essential oils.
IMO, all should take a little Coconut oil daily. Great stuff.
I used it as a Carrier oil when applying Essential Oils topically.
Keeps my skin Baby Soft and people say I don't look a day older than 63...
I am 64.

When supplements work "too good" then tend to get Banned by the Alphabet Agents so, buying a supply NOW might be prudent.

7. I have been looking into turpentine as well as castor oil. I admittedly have yet to try it and am just finishing up doing my research/due diligence before I place an order for some. At first I was very skeptical of turpentine, thinking it is essentially poison, but it would seem I was way off. It would seem that turpentine was used as a remedy for hundreds of years, and many people talk about remembering their grandparents/parents giving them turpentine/sugar a few times a year to help clear them of pathogens/parasites. It is also mentioned in the Merk Manual hundreds of times. http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/41697 It seems Dr. Jennifer Daniels has revived this remedy. Search for her on Youtube, there are hundreds of videos on her and people doing her protocol.

The important part is that it is "100% Pure Gum Turpentine" which is distilled from Pine sap, nothing else is acceptable as it has impurities/poison mixed in with it. It seems people are having some pretty dramatic positive results with it. Seems there are 2 ways to take it internally; mixed with castor oil (organic, Hexane free only) or soaked onto sugar cubes. From what I gather the turpentine/castor oil combo treats the bowels while the turpentine/sugar combo treats the blood. The ideal dose from what seems to be 1 TEASPOON per day, starting off low and slow and working u to that dose as die-off symptoms can be intense if going too quickly. Perhaps start at 1/4 teaspoon and move up slowly. 

Here is a long thread where people talk about their experiences with it. good/bad/or indifferent:

Again I have not tried this YET personally, but I am about to order some and try it low and slow. I am currently doing Cutler chelation protocol with DMSA/ALA and it is stirring up Candida something fierce, so I figure it may good to try this on my off chelation days to keep the Candida in check and release more metals to mop up with chelation. 

I found this place in Georgia, USA called Diamond G Forest Products that make 100% Pure Gum Turpentine using old fashioned methods with no impurities. I realize you are in New Zealand, but apparently the right stuff can be hard to find, so if you research and decide to move forward with it but cant find it locally to you, I believe this place ships internationally.

I will report back my experiences with it good/bad/indifferent once I try it myself for a few weeks.

For more details, please check the link from:

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    Pearl Palko

    Hi Echo

    Thank you for this valuable information.

    One question?

    Is this advice just for Candida or is it for Mycosis Fungoides infections as well?


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    Jerrold Nowacki

    Enzymedica makes an enzyme formula specifically to address Candida. The formula is called Candidase. The formula is non toxic.and it contains among other ingredients the enzyme Cellulase which eats through the cell wall of Candida harmlessly dissolving the issue. There is little or no typical Candida die off. A most a seamless experience. EXTREMELY effective. If you're eating sugar of any kind then save your money and effort. If your committed to healing this will work !

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    Devin Lewis Mcfarlane

    Does anyone know if the candida can always be treated by adjusting the rife settings like Penny writes in number 3? Or can it get to a point where it mutates and can no longer be treated?

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