I've been running my 4 generators in remote for 12 days now. The first week I felt a bit better. This last week I've been more exhausted and body aches than usual (I have Lyme). The software and programming of it still overwhelms me. Any advice?

Healing take energy. Sometimes detox is painful. Killing can lead to overload of the detox systems and need to be "managed".

While the tick bite was pretty sudden, and the various pathogens can start acting immediately, it takes some time for them to get established and do major damage.

It also takes time to break down the structures, kill all of the pathogens, clear out all of the debris, and heal from the damage. It is all going to take energy, although there will be energy made available as more pathogens are killed and the garbage removed so there is less "management" of these. The progress will be at whatever your body can handle - not faster, no matter how much we want it to be over yesterday.

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