The Lyme Morgellons protocol, should I run all 4 of my generators on this for more power / effectiveness? What Amplitude should I set? I have had the terrain protocol running for 11 days now, do I need to stop and proceed to the next step?

Typically, after the Terrain completes the first cycle, and we want to run the M&L Protocol, we stop the Terrain, Load the All Maintenance Preset and run that constantly during the ENTIRE M&L Protocol.

All of the other generators we want to use would be set up as described in either Method A or Method B for Remote Mode.

Method A, where multiple generators run the same Preset on a 5 minute delay between starts, will take longer but be more thorough - according to the author.

Method B, where Presets each run on one generator for the time specified, is faster through the Presets, but may compromise thoroughness.

The Amplitudes, etc., are all set when using the Presets. The only thing to do is to include the "Your Scan" programs, or delete this and run when running on more than one person at a time.

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