I got the terrain program running a little while ago. I know its an 11 day program. Would it be beneficial to run any other programs while doing the initial terrain?

1. It depends some users can handle Terrain quite easily and can run multiple generators at the same time without problem.

Other users herx very easily and must pause the Terrain from one generator after several hours to allow the body to catch up. Or just start with the Single-Step Liver or Kidney Terrain Presets to be able to get through any of it.

If you are running the same Preset on multiple generators, stagger the start of each subsequent generator by 5 minutes, such that there is a little break between the first frequency stopping on the first generator and it starting on the second, then stopping on the second and starting on the third. As long as there are more frequencies than twice the number of generators you want to run, this should be OK.

You could wait until the generator 1 starts a new repeat. If it has been going for 1 &1/2 hours, is should be repeating soon, as it is only about 39 minutes for each repeat in the first Preset of the Terrain, I think.

2. If you feel well when you run the Terrain Protocol, I recommend you to choose some healing frequencies to run or start to run Lyme Protocol etc.

For more details, please check the link:

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