Does anybody have patches of brown skin as a result of damage? It seems to be an underlying problem for me where if I squash skin but it doesn't create a bruise and yet the skin goes brown and takes ages to clear up.

1. I'd suggest to try some Frankincense essential oil on one of these. I'm suspecting, like I read elsewhere, it is the same bugs over and over but able to change form and one of those forms is what we call 'normal'. I guess you could also see what a very low dc current does if applied to this; and if that helped it would suggest conductivity through the body needs to be improved.

2.Swallow Zinc + Copper.

But also think of this, if your bioenergy level is high you can burn your skin. Perhaps you've given too much pressure on your skin? The test: push with your thumb as hard as you can on a metal object.

If you sense burning you know. Just an extra thought that came in.

3. Consider Tony Pantallaresco's method for treating skin problems -

For more details, please check the link:

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