A change of tact I think it is better for myself, to boost my immune system instead, do healing of my mind and clean up my dna with healing frequencies. What recommended frequencies would be good to try and see how I feel?

1. Peace & relaxation.
Endorphin release.

Look up the Solfeggio frequencies to see if any apply...

Look up the Nogier frequencies, & see if any of those apply...

That's where I'd start.
Oh, & for immune enhancement, remember the thymus gland!

2. Rather than a shaman, give consideration to The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson. This powerful therapy is mentioned and recommended in one of the Spooky2 guides. Bradley Nelson's The Body Code is also worth looking at.

3. There are many "Balance", "Normalize", and even "Chakra" sets in the programs that can be used to help the body function better... These can be very beneficial, but may also cause a herx. reaction as much as a killing program.

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