The existing detox program runs for 11+ days .. etc. I would like to have something that runs all the sets - Remove metals, kidney, liver, blood, lymph, etc. in 24 hours, short and repetitive. How can I create such a program?

If this is the first time running the Terrain Protocol, I would seriously suggest following it as is the first time. It is designed to start slowly to not overwhelm the body, as some are sensitive to the frequency treatment initially.

Also, going too quickly may cause an overwhelm of the detox pathways. Part of the Terrain Protocol is to stimulate the pathways to move the toxins out more effectively, which will then allow the body to bring more "garbage" out of storage locations. This often requires healing, which takes time, so trying to rush it is often detrimental.

After the first pass through the Terrain, you can choose something else or a "roll your own". I use the Preset highlighted in the following pic.

For more details, please check the link:

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