MW Cadmium.

Experimental Molecular Frequencies for CADMIUM - USE AT OWN RISK -

Note Apply Disintergrative Factor in Programs tab has been selected in both presets to aid detox. I'm not sure whether this preset will in fact detox Cadmium. I guess there is only one way to find out!

Chemical Names: CADMIUM; 7440-43-9; Cadmium compounds; Cadmium, elemental; Kadmium [German]; UNII-00BH33GNGH More...
Molecular Formula: Cd
Molecular Weight: 112.414 g/mol

Remote frequencies for CADMIUM sub-harmonics 64-87 (24 frequency steps)

Remote Preset
MW Cadmium Remote

Contact frequencies for CADMIUM sub-harmonics 62-87 (26 frequency steps)

Contact Preset
MW Cadmium Contact

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