Has anyone on this Forum tried to duplicate the waveform that is currently used by the Bemer PEMF device?

1. High powered PEMF seems to be very fast with positive outcomes and seems to have a lasting effect.

The input signal is a impulse. Frequency 1-10 Hz seems to be good.

That's the Standard.


If you generate a magnetic field and it collapses then you will get more energy out of the collapsing magnetic field that you are inputting. (There should be a video on YouTube about this...)

So you will get back every time a RE-EMF from the coil. And the connected amplifier has to take the RE-EMF.

If the signal is NOT a sinus signal, then the form of the input signal will be distorted through the RE-EMF pulse that will came from the coil.

So the RE-EMF is a problem in electronics if you want to drive a coil.

(Except someone want to build a overunity device.)

2. Here is the waveform as requested.

Sine Ramped Triangle Waveform

3. Here are another two similar types of Waveforms.

Sine Phi Ramped Triangle & Sine Phi Reverse Ramped Triangle Waveforms

For more details, please check the link:

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