My brother has gulf war syndrome (which is basically Lyme) plus flouroquinolone poisoning from all the cipro they were given. He will stay with me for 7 days. I can do the remote after he leaves. How to start with him? I bought the ultimate plasma kit.

1. Terrain in the M&L protocol with the plasma only takes 8 days. He needs to be there with you to do the biofeedback. A suggestion would be to go as far as possible on the terrain with the plasma. See where you end up, then do a biofeedback before he leaves. Continue with the rest of terrain on the remotes. The biofeedback would be added to the M&L remote preset 5 or you can just run the biofeedback by itself. He probably would benefit from doing the full M&L protocol. It covers so many things like viruses, fungus, mold, biofilms, bacteria and much more. Each preset has a place for a biofeedback, however you can skip that and shorten the time for each preset is run.

2.Many theories about Gulf War.

One is that aspartame in diet drinks, in the boiling desert heat, turned into neurotoxins like methanol, formic acid and others.

Vaccines may have added to the toxin load (there is a vaccines detox in database).

I'm not sure how much spooky can help - if it is these neurotoxins. Others may be able to assist more.

The internet shows that
there's a huge cocktail involved -
Depleted uranium
Squalene linked to anthrax vaccines
Undisclosed biological and/or chemical weapons
Parasites Etc

Various detox treatments may help, but it will need some studious research of the database

In addition to Detox, you will need to run Combat disorders, PTSD and Shock for his mental well-being.

The list is endless, but we've got to start somewhere.

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