Has anyone had success with food allergies brought on by candida and leaky gut?

1. Candida can be rough, as it is sometimes sequestering mercury or other metals, so killing it may release too much junk, so watch how you go about killing it.

Yes, allergies, food or otherwise can be reduced by reducing toxins in the body. I used a program to Balance or Normalize Hypothalamus Function. This helps me keep the allergy responses reduced significantly. Once the herx reduced from this program, I added in Brain and Nerve programs as well to connect it all together.

I have run the All Maintenance Preset from the M&L Protocol continuously since I finished the Terrain Protocol, which I did when I first got my system. I still herx. almost every time I start a new Preset - as I am doing the M&L Protocol now.

I didn't save the Program Sequence from when I did the Hypothalamus / Brain Normalize and Nerve Program, but I think I used the Nerve Healing programs in sequence with the Hypothalamus function balance and Brain Normalize Programs. I have subsequently used this sequence in a Remote Healing - JW Shell Preset:


2. A good probiotic like Kefir will help. Candida encourages you to drink and eat what will keep it alive and healthy - so ditch your regular and favourite foods.
Vary your diet: Too much of the same food leads to more food intolerances.

For more details, please check the link:

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