I've been experimenting with making arbitrary waveforms for Spooky2 and have a technical question. If I were to make, say, a 3 full cycle sine wave as an arbitrary waveform, would this multiply any frequency in the database by 3 Hz?

The answer is Yes. This is how the Wave Cycle Multiplier works.
As the resolution of every waveform is 1024 points, when you use WCM or create a multiple waveform, you are loosing resolution. This is not critical for simple waveforms, but it degrades the complex ones.

So, if you create a waveform composed of 10 full sine waves, each wave will have only one tenth of the resolution, that is 102 points, causing its shape to be less accurate.

Also, in order to avoid steps, the number of waveforms has to be an exact multiplier of 1024.

For more details, please check the link:

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