When Mom started our first Terrain Detox, she started having ear issues. When the second time, she started having fluid coming from her ears last. She's never had ear issues. Should I stop any of the treatment currently running or let it continue?

1. Not sure about your situation, but I do ozone treatments. One is called ear insufflation, basically putting oxygen and ozone into your ear canal. It can bring on fluid discharge, that is called a herxheimer reaction in our circles. Not an infection, it usually stops in a week or so. That said, there is usually no pain involved in the fluid leakage, it is annoying though.

2.Since you didn't even state what is being run currently, there is really no suggestion to make about stopping or starting - as we have no specifics about what is happening. It sounds like you may have killed something that released a bunch of pathogens and forced them to look for a new host. In this case, starting at Preset 5 of the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol may be the best thing one could do in this situation.

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