I have a remote running with the herpesvirus set from Manuel and another with the Kundalini set. So I am using the phanatron for diabetes 1. So does anyone have any idea how many days I should do this or should it really be done by remote 24/7?

We can only share our experiences and collectively try to figure out a solid method for parasites. 

Jeff Sutherland claims many successes with parasites and the topic is addressed in The Rife Handbook from Jeff himself:


He makes it sound somewhat easy with the right frequencies. Large parasites are very difficult to completely eliminate. I've tried plasma to address Fasciolopsis buski in a friend and they actually felt an ache or discomfort in their abdomen while the tube was on. One session ended in vomiting. Bizarre because buski is typically in your large intestines. I'm assuming this was a particularly intense herxheimer reaction. 

As you go through the Pancreatic Fluke set, the one thing you shouldn't feel is "nothing whatsoever". With something so large, you should herx or at least feel something off during the plasma session and you might feel weird for hours after. If you feel absolutely nothing, I would suggest moving onto other frequencies. Possibly pay for Char's DNA set as you'll be able to get adults, larvae and eggs all with a common frequency. 

If you are noticing something amiss when the tube is on, congratulations, you have found a viable frequency or you're at least close to one. Try the frequency again in a different session and see what you notice about your reactions compared to the first time. To experiment with a neighboring frequency you can move the slider in the software to change the broadcasted frequency on the fly. You can also build a frequency sweep around whatever frequency you're reacting to (example: I feel woozy at 400,000 Hz. Next session I will try a sweep from 395,000 - 405,000 Hz and write down which frequency is displayed in the software when I feel something strong). When I have a "hit list" of say 6 frequencies, create a new program in Spooky and try running those for 3 minutes each. Then try upping the dwell from 3 to 6 min, etc. You could also add a gate for additional efficacy. 

As to your question, my opinion is that you should be running the plasma program multiple times per week with the same frequencies running remotely in between plasma sessions. What I tell myself is the remote in between sessions is there to keep the pathogens from "recovering". As a rule I don't do a plasma session until I feel normal again. No lingering headache or fever/chills or anything like that. These always go away for me in 48 hours but it will vary based on person. 
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