Can I just leave my Colloidal Silver maker and 2 transmitters plugged into Boost all the time? ie. Does it hurt or hamper the operation of the other. I obviously will not transmit while I am making CS and vice versa.

If you leave the 2 Remotes connected while you made Colloidal Silver you will have a lower current through the electrodes because the 2 Remotes reduce the Output Voltage of the Coll. Silver output for about 40% (calculated).

I assume that you have your Remotes connected to the BN and MN Output of the Boost 2.0

So you have to rise the duration for making coll.Silver for this amount.

So the answer is:

It will take a 40% longer time to make coll. Silver with both Remotes connected to the BN and MN Outputs on the Boost 2.0

But you don't have to disconnect them.

For more details, please check this link:

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