I had been having irregular heart beats. Whenever it would skip a beat, it would cause me to stop breathing for a moment or two. My heart literally felt as if it was folding over.

1. I ran both Schumann resonance and emf detox in same generator for total of 7 weeks not consistently but a few weeks at a time. I noticed after running them for 3 weeks,my heartbeats started to normalize. It went from feeling as if it was folding over to light fluttering then in 4th week my heartbeat completely normalized! Not having any irregular heartbeats! I don't think it was from doing emf detox. I think it was Schumann resonance did that. I also think the irregular heartbeat is from emf toxicity.

2. I think you fixed your heartbeat issue by reducing the viral load of EBV. You have EBV like I do. EBV causes irregular heartbeat and palpitations. I have them too. I read that they are mainly caused by EBV die off. You did reduce EBV load by running R08 program from M&L protocol, so I feel that this is the main reason for your improved heart function.

My brain is not fully "on" yet today but I wanted to mention this addictional variable. Perhaps Schuman preset is helping but maybe the main reason you improved is by reducing the viral load of EBV.

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    Beata Christoforou

    Irregular heart beats could be caused by the dirofilaria parasite (dog heart worm) in the heart based on Hulda Clark books. Try zapping and doing the herbal parasite program best described in the book "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers".

    Another important thing to do in all heart troubles is to check you RBC (not serum) magnesium level. It should be around 6 (read "The Magnesium Miracle" by Carolyn Dean. Another good book is "Is your cardiologist killing you" by Dr.Sherry Rogers.

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