I'm hoping to treat my dog, diagnosed with mammary gland tumors. Contact Plus 4 Cancer protocol seems to be doing mostly detox for the first 9 days which at the rate my dog is degrading might be too long, that would best suit my situation?

1. I have to mention raw Cannabis leaf. This is not at all about getting "high", or suggesting your break the local rules - but these are often the cuttings and trimmings that those who grow the plant, will take off for thinning out at various phases in the growth cycle. If there is any way of connecting with someone who would sell some fresh trimmings, keep them in the lettuce drawer in the fridge - you take a full leaf, lay it on a cold cut slice of chicken breast or turkey, roll it up like a blanket and give to your pup once or twice a day (works with cats too!). The results in pets is nothing short of miraculous, and combined with a good range of Spooky2 protocols, just might launch your success rate. Blessings on your journey!

2. It sounds like you need to slow the cancer growth down to buy some time. I would alkalize the dog's drinking water, and add Lugol's Iodine 1-2 drops (15% strength) from an eye dropper for a large dog. Reduce dosage depending on dog weight. It's important to keep the dog well hydrated. Monitor and test alkalinity of dog's urine, using PH test strips.

If the dog is having breathing difficulties, consider running programs to help clear the lungs.

Since the dog is unwell and not eating, you will have to provide liquid nutrition.

Consider running additional support programs:
Inflammation General
Acute pain
Vitamin C MW run on white Remote 1 hour on, 1 hour off. Adjust on/off times as you see fit.
Detox 4 toxins Throughout the body - Run non stop white Remote
Detox Liver Kidneys Lymph Run non stop white Remote
Kidney function
Immune System (various programs)

Consider using nebulizer for medication delivery.

For more details, please check this link:

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