When I treat people I put in a file what I’ve done for them. So I write everytime what program I use for them in xls file. I'm searching a way to extract the Spooky database in order to make a drop down menu and select the program I used.

1. if you just want the names of the programs in the database, you can download the program names from the Spooky2 downloads page.

Spooky2 Programs A–Z Oct 2016
Searchable alphabetical list of all condition and pathogen names in the Spooky2 database.

2. Another option to retrieve all the names of the programs in the database is already available as a feature in the spooky2 software. Its called "Write Database Text" 
Just follow the next 4 steps to get this easily done:

1. Start the spooky2 software
2. In the upper area of the screen you find the option "Database"
3. By selecting this option, a scroll down menu will be visible, choose the 4th option named: "Write Database Text"
4. A new small window will appear. There you can choose a folder other then the pre selected one. 

For more details, please check this link:

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