I am running sleep insomnia remote present for my friend. It has been running 30%. She said she feel sleepy during the day too. I wonder if it is normal.

1. The sleep and Insomnia Preset should work to establish a "normal" sleep cycle, but may take some time to get it right. It depends some on just how much healing the friend is doing, as healing takes tremendous amounts of energy. She may need more sleep during this time. Give it a some time to see how it works.

2.The sleep induction is the one for night only, and there you need to go into settings and change the midnight to midnight time to start the time you want to go to sleep and an end 7 hours later. I'm running sleep induction each night for 3 people (thankfully they all start at the same time) and then the sleep and insomnia runs 24/7 is set up to stop when I want it to stop. I'm going to give them 3 weeks on sleep and insomnia, and then stop it and see what is happening. This has required 2 generators.

The sleep and insomnia preset works on the brain and the pineal gland.

The sleep induction works on issues with sleeping, such as hypoglycemia episodes, melatonin, etc. My friends do not feel sleepy during the day with the with the sleep and insomnia program - it is basically a brain healing program. They do get sleepy with the sleep induction program.

Since I want the brain portion to go 24/7, it goes on one generator. Since the sleep induction program is just to get them to sleep at night and allow them to get a restful sleep, it goes on another generator.

I am fortunate enough to have enough generators to be able to dedicate 2 to this process for my 2 friends and myself. If I were not, I'd be running the sleep induction for the sleep time and then the sleep and insomnia for the rest of the time.

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