Any suggestions on killing intestinal parasites?

1. There are a number of possible causes.

First, any time the balance is changing within the gut, there is likely to be some fighting as they rebalance.

Second, when some bacteria die, it is possible that some foods, etc., won't be digested quite the same, so may take a bit to have the bacteria, etc., necessary to repopulate.

Third, there may be some hard to digest products being cleaned out of the body that is causing the bloating as it works through.

It will be impossible to eliminate totally this bloating as things are killed within. I think we all go through it at some level when killing and healing.

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2. The possibility of what I used to call “blocks in my digestive system" was due to parasites. I have had to look at a few non Spooky2 treatments and then to use Spooky2 with them to assist in killing. Some of the other treatments that I was interested in might have been effective, if I was to go the whole nine yards with their cleanses, which I didn't do, so piggybacking my anti-parasite treatments with Spooky2 anti-parasite treatments seems to be doing more killing and clearing and therefore I feel like I am moving closer to my healing goal. With the help of bioelectric resonance / Rife alone I have passed scary things, but the effect is better if you combine therapies.

You also need to remember to drink more water than normal when using Spooky2 or Rifing, say like double your normal intake. This extra water will help move out the toxins, and keep your bowels moving. Of course, eating lots of fresh raw fruits and salads helps keep things moving too.

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