My friend has Bowel cancer that has, metastasized to his stomach and liver. It may be a punch to put him on further plasma cancer sessions. Can I run a reduced amplitude or reduced dwell to scoot through the preset faster?

1. They may consider the M&L Protocol to kill pathogens from smallest to largest.

Some people need to use Plasma in short bursts initially to get used to the impact of it. I would definitely use it for shorter times to make sure he can deal with both the plasma energy and the die-off / detox.

2. I react intensely to frequencies and my liver detox pathways are not working well at this point. I can usually only tolerate amplitude 2 for longer programs. I have sometimes thought I was tolerating amplitude 5 and doing really well but it then all comes crashing down. 2 is best for me. Slow and steady can win the race I reckon!

3.I think it is very important not use the remote to kill parasites if they are testing for parasites. If you kill what they are testing then you will not be able to confirm the parasite. This is in regards to remote mode. You can run it after you get the results from the stool back.

This is also the case with biopsies. Do not run cancer killing programs when doing biopsies or you can kill the sample before it is evaluated and tested.

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