What are the differences among Killing (R) - JK, Killing (R) - JW and Killing (R) - MA?

1. The differences appear to be confined to Amplitude and Offset.

Yes, when choosing a Shell Preset, one must choose Program(s) to load in to give the program a set of frequencies to run. The Scraping would go in the Remote as the DNA source.

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2. The (JW) is the original kill preset and made by the software creator. It is by trial which one you use.

It’s all experimental, but I would use JW myself.

I'm a big fan of Jeff Kaczor's presets as well as John White's, so I'd use either JW or JK. Another preset shell I use for killing is the Universal Square H-Bomb. It's particularly good if you're not sure whether to use kill or heal, and it always works well for me.

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