Can I use the specific coil settings with more frequencies- regardless of whether it's detoxing or killing? Should I set the coil to "metals and chemicals" in this case?

Yes and no. Yes, you have to choose the settings for the Coil - easiest typically to choose the Coil Preset from the Shell Preset folder, then have to add the Programs that are run in the M&L Preset. It looks like those would have to be written down first, then the Coil Preset Selected, then go to Programs tab to load the programs that you wrote down from the M&L Preset, then Control tab to Overwrite generator and Start.

The other way to do it would be to load the M&L Preset, then go to Settings tab and make the changes to operate the Coil properly. There are only 2 changes that need to be made in the Settings tab - shown in the picture below.


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