Any suggestions if I have bad constipation?

1. Search in the Programs tab for symptoms, etc., to see what seems to make sense for your situation. If there are more than 4 hours of frequencies in a sequence that sound helpful, may need to use Grade Program Biofeedback Scan to reduce the number of frequencies to only those that exhibit a high response within your body.

There is another thread discussing the Grade Program scan.

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2. Adding magnesium (citrate) helps, just take until it works. Vitamin C also is beneficial in many ways but helps with constipation. I take 6000 a day and up it and the mag if I'm having problems.

3. Lots of vegetable fiber may be helpful.

4. I think it might depend on the causes of constipation. Maybe blockages in your digestive tract are caused by pathogens and parasites? The M+L presets can help to tackle some of them but isn't a cure. On top of the Spooky2 methods, you may also want to choose other digestive system pathogen or parasite cleansing methods and stack Spooky2 on top of that to give it much more power. In the west, we tend to not believe that parasites exist in humans but personal experience suggests that the common wisdom on these things is wrong. From a Spooky2 standpoint, experimentally running some anti-parasite sets could give you a few experiences that will help you to self diagnose what needs to be done. That plus a few hunt and kill sessions (on GeneratorX) and the like could add more information and experiences that will give you more perspective. Don’t forget to do your own scan sessions and include them when you can. Then it’s just a question of increasing your research about these things and working out what else to add to your protocol to help remove the initial cause. Then keep plugging away to the best of your ability. We have to be our own therapists. I personally find the plasma version of the broad spectrum antibiotic preset to be a useful tool when running every night for a period of time. Again, that is a treatment, not a cure.

5. There are some constipation and intestinal release programs in the database also try eating asparagus that works for me.

6. I've found that anytime I change my diet this happens, it takes the microflora in our gut awhile to catch up my mom suggested papaya every morning, she said it works for her, so I'm trying it too.

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