We have a little dachshund. She has thyroid cancer with a large mass on her throat which is fairly advanced but as of a couple of months ago still only limited to her thyroid and had not metastised.

The dogs i treated over the years were all given up, after 1000$ 's bills from the vet.

One of them was from a Qigong instructor and the dog (bigger then me if it stands up) and was bleeding from his eyes, ears, mouth and skin when i was called. So a very bad case for help.

They were told he had 2-3 weeks to live and still live healthy and happy 3 years later, at no charge from me.

How did I do it?

(Energy treatment, also you can do, lay your hands on the spot, use your willpower and transmit clean golden energy.
You will notice from your dog the difference, it will be much more alive, see the eyes).

The treatment
Dr. Hulda Clarks protocol; wormwood, cloves, black (green) walnut hull, capsules 3 times a day for 4 weeks through their meal. How much depends on the weight but don’t worry you cant give to much.

For skin related issues I used colloidal silver water for a daily wash/rub and in the eyes/ears/mouth, 2 weeks.

Further I put a zapper on the main spot with a bandage 24x7 for 2 weeks. I used the ones from Indian Maid on ebay.
Very cheap but it works because the fur will transmit the freqs.


Further of course use the Spooky2 remotes.

For more details, please check the link:

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