Bedini has interpreted as the true Rife waveforms. He has a 3.1 center freq. and inputs a freq of 100 hz to 120,000 hz into his gen. He said it creates a heterodyne or interferometer effect with the mixing of the waves. If Spooky can do the same thing?

I don’t recommend using a fixed carrier for several reasons:

1. The fixed frequency can be harmful.
2. The carrier uses 1/3 of the total power.
3. The sidebands get more distant the higher the modulation.
4. Total application time for an overnight sweep with an 0.025% frequency tolerance is around 7 seconds (!)

It is better to use a carrier sweep with a harmonically related modulation. You don’t read about it elsewhere because other machines cannot do this. It is a Spooky first.

The late Bedini was demonstrating his excellent plasma setup in his last video. Modulation requires a non-linear mixing of signals, i.e., plasma tube. 2 different frequencies will not modulate without an external mixer. Despite what you may read. Spooky can set up a carrier within the waveform (F2 = F1 ….) and this can be used in contact mode without a plasma tube, but the maths is different than that of a fixed carrier. In reality the maths favours this method over the fixed carrier by a wide margin.

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