Is Bioresonance Analysis/ Therapy the same or similar to Rife Therapy?

Thought I would also mention That bioresonance is based on the scientifically proven principle of Quantum Physics (Max Planck) according to the fact that our body cells send and receive electromagnetic signals. In our body, we have different forms of energy. One of these is the electromagnetic, which is expressed by oscillations (frequencies).

Every vital organ, each human tissue, like everything around us, sends its own particular frequency which is called natural frequency. All the organs together compose the electromagnetic field of each one. The presence of a host such as the parasites or viruses, affects this field as more frequencies appear, that reduce the speed of communication between cells. The body’s speed reaction slows down, thus the organism is exposed and becomes vulnerable and as a result illnesses appear. The special diagnostic equipment that is used in bioresonance, has the ability to identify foreign frequencies of the pathogenic microorganisms, while the corresponding therapeutic devices have the ability to degrade the pathogenic causes so that everything will work properly again.

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