I hurt my neck doing some heavy lifting in the gym. Any recommendations on what programs to use? Hard to turn my head, back is sore.

1. Neck pain is painful and debilitating.
Start at 'neck' in database and you get stiff neck, torticollis, neck pain.
They would be good start.
Do the same for back and spine, if they are affected.
If too many frequencies to treat, do a Graded Scan, using MIN BPM settings to find which will most soothing and Healing.

2.Add Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) MM long dwell, I will try. You can keep the coil in the night if you have.

For more details, please check the link:

3. If you search stiff neck and neck pain, I've experienced positive results using both.

4. Analgesic pain seems to work. Or magnesium MW. I also run the meridian balancing sets in case it's a meridian issue.

5. I used Mickie’s Magic Three program for contact modes. It was a very fast pain relief for me.


6. For that I use muscles to relax and inflammation all the time and it works. It's also where you put the TENS Pads for placement. I put them, depending on where the pain is. In the front, there's a small place just above the clavicle that's all muscle and it works great. On the back, I place them on the trapezius muscle but a bit higher up and not down mid back.

7. Try kidney sequences I know from Tibetan medicine which I practice this symptom on the neck sometimes is related to kidney inflammation.


8. I use Remote with these settings. Also song of spine, Schumann resonator and kundalini on other Generators.

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