Is it possible to take a piece of scab or flake of skin off a cancer tumor in Remote to kill that "specific" tumor on the body?

1. This is an intriguing question; and worth investigation. If the DNA acts as a transmitter/receiver, and it's still alive it would be possible to send frequencies to DNA that matches this in the body. If on the receiving side; the transmitted frequencies were then broadcast within the surrounds of that cell it may be possible to resonate any microbes there and so 'treat' the overall cell health (which may have 'cancerous' DNA configuration). However, this is different to 'killing' the bad DNA itself, because it doesn't seem likely that some DNA would transmit a killing frequency to its brother/sister if only for the fact that it probably would have been killed itself- so instead; I think its more about; being able to transmit/receive to the right cells in the body some message. In theory, using DNA would be better than a fingernail, etc.

Another idea would be to run a healing set on that damaged DNA; with the theory that whatever is around that DNA in the body is out of balance and by transmitting a frequency such as 7.83Hz, it would change the environment or re-energize that cell. Think of the remote-mode as a telephone call, you are transmitting information or instructions.

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2. You will need healthy DNA to transfer the frequencies to your body.

3. Yes, except you would put it under one of the killing programs. Personally, I feel that might be a brilliant idea.

4. If you do that I also feel it would be good if you had a fresh sample daily. The frequencies needed won't be picked up if the material is dead it works the same way I'm sure as blood does. And I think I would use the Hunt&Kill preset and let it cycle through until it kills everything as it does that it'll be treating your body also.

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