Why do we suppose that several remote signals applied will work on the targeted microbes/body parts as individual signals that don't interfere with each other?

Every wave form other than a pure Sine wave is a combination of different frequencies to make up the waveform. As such, the body deals with multiple frequencies with each of these waveforms, so what sense does it make that some other mix of frequencies would get distorted?

Remember also, that each frequency is only resonating with specific entities, so while it sounds like noise to the ear or to every being that none of the frequencies are resonating with, the being that one of the frequencies resonates with will still feel that resonance quite fully, even though the rest of the "symphony" passes through without resonating.

I don't have any proof or test data to show as backup, and I only have how all of us feel to weigh in on my viewpoint, but when there are multiple symptoms being relieved with multiple programs running, it is powerful indication to each user that things are working as expected.

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