How to use the laser pen to check if my colloidal silver is turning into colloidal silver as it's not a yellowish colour as I thought it would be. Is this one ok?

Pretty sure any red or green laser pointer will work. Clear colloidal silver is nano size - tiniest of particles. After a few days if it turns yellow, some silver has clumped together. I think I read somewhere that the yellow tone is the silver particles reflecting the light. So the larger the particles or the most concentrated will have a color tone. But nano size the silver particles are so tiny, it does not have a yellow tone. But the laser can pick it up.

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    William L Clark

    Question was:


    "How to use the laser pen to check if my colloidal silver is turning into colloidal silver....."?

    How do we know if the clear solution is actually a colloidal silver solution?

    Following the Spooky2 instructions/settings in calculator for producing 1000ml of liquid colloidal silver (25 hours)  I never achieved .2 mAmp, water was always clear.

    At times during the batches I found particles in motion with both white flashlight and spooky2 Red laser ,  mAmps varied from .04 ~ .17 , averaging around .09 mAmp.

    Ran 4 batches with same distilled water batch with similar observations, Sometime during the the last 4-6 hours of Batch#4 the Spooky2 Magnetic Stirrer (SN: 162841, purchased Jan 17 2018, Invoice # 100020120)   failed, completely dead, power/transformer was still warm, stirrer cold. Several un-plug/re-plug failed to bring the stirrer to life. power source working normally, tested other devices. 



    William L Clark




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    Barbara Silano

    My magnetic stirrer stopped work too!

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