I have a client who has cancer and I am trying to do a biofeedback scan. Unfortunately she has Arrhythmia so the scan is not working. I doubled the HRV tolerance but it still wont scan. How to do?

1. It's a difficult one. If her heartbeat is 'all over the place', you are never going to get accurate results.

Scans are important, but not absolutely necessary for treatment.

Apart from muscle-testing and/or dowsing for the best treatments and frequencies.

2.Yes, I am not able to perform scans, so just have to work harder to find programs that deal with the symptoms for each individual.

I am currently following the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol, but deleting the "Your Scan" placeholders, to kill whatever negative organisms are present, then see what other things need help.

In your clients case, you may need to run the Cancer Protocol, or find other ways to assist this client.

3.Dowsing/Muscle-testing would be very good in that case.

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