We have fought T cell lymphoma and it is not in bones. Chemo will start on my wife in Monday. She is 38 and very healthy. Follow by bone marrow with stem cell. What are the dangers and when if treating her with spooky2 while on chemo?

1. I have been informed in a similar situations that no rife 3 days before and 3 days after chemo as there will be too many toxins from die off for body to safely handle not sure about running detox

2.John White has a lot to say about Spooky2 and radiation/chemo. He said it would be harder to cure cancer once you choose the chemo route but it was not totally impossible.

3.There is a good solution to help when having chemo that boosts the Immune System. Do some research on Chronic Reversed Polarity with Master Herbalist Keith Smith. Working with Spooky2 and the technique of boosting the Immune System whilst also repairing the DNA and the Central Nervous system. If having Chemo then this is a practical and suitable solution - once again along with Spooky2 I cannot see how you will not get some great results. All the best!

4.Here's one of many internet guides to chemo - the last page has info about food and drink. Cabbage apparently is good!

5.We recently ordered our spooky2 and have successfully been treating my wife's cancers with herbal tinctures and cannabis oil for the last two years.

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