Day and night use for Cancer Protocol.

Cancer never sleeps – but you do. For that reason, this Protocol has been designed so that it may be used while you sleep, or during the day, broken up into as many sessions as you like. Depending on your cancer type, and the length of the programs you choose to deal with it, the presets will vary in duration from four to 7.5 hours. The third preset, which addresses liver and kidney functions, runs for eight hours and 42 minutes, but you will likely only use this on two successive days or nights. If you suffer from known liver and kidney problems, double the number of days you run it for.

Note that Remote presets have a different structure, and are built in blocks of about four hours which repeat. For Plasma Plus and for Contact Plus, there are different important considerations for both night and day use.

A. Plasma Plus night:

1. Placement: when you run plasma for long periods, the tube can get very hot. To prevent this, don't put it under the covers but on top of them. Doing this means the tube stays relatively cool – but can fall off the bed. So I’ve pushed my bed up against the wall. I place the tube close to the wall, and fall asleep with my back against it. The best and most secure way I've found so far to use the Ultrasonic transmitter is to place it between my thighs with its diaphragm directly against my perineum. If you move around the bed a lot while you sleep, you may have to find another way – in the armpit may be more viable. Spooky Central’s fan is very like white noise, but if it bothers you, use wax earplugs. And a sleeping mask if you find the light troublesome.

I put one TENS pad for SC Contact Mode on my left foot just below the outside ankle, and the other on the back of my right hand to ensure total body coverage. It may be a good idea to wear a bed-sock and a glove to keep the pads secure. Don’t use a leather or latex glove.

2. Bathroom needs: when you wake, you must remember that you are connected by wires to Spooky Central, hand and foot. And you must never disconnect the TENS pad cable while the machine is switched on. So the first thing to do is to switch off Spooky Central. Then you can peel off the TENS pads, go to the the PC and click Pause. On your return, click Pause again and select the frequency above the one currently selected. Then reapply the TENS pads and turn Spooky Central on again.

Personally, I found all this too disruptive. So...I bought myself a chamber pot. A bucket or a commode would be fine, too. There's nothing odd about this – urine's been used many times in battleground emergency surgeries as a substitute for blood plasma, and for cleaning wounds. You did it as a child, and if you were in a hospital, and sick enough, you'd be handed a bottle or a bedpan.

3. Herxing: this should not be a problem because one of your generators will be running a detox program non-stop remotely. In the event that it does happen, load and run the RX Herxheimer - DB preset remotely, then continue your plasma treatment. If your herx is bad, run the PX Herxheimer - DB version in place of the plasma preset you were running. Keep a notebook by your PC and record the Step number you’d reached (below the Frequency Column), then complete the session next day, or next night.

B. Contact Plus night:

1. Placement: no rearrangement of furniture is required, but it's a good idea to keep the PC within reach of your bed with its screen set to sleep after three minutes. Attach one TENS pad to your left foot just below the outside ankle, and another to the back of your right hand. You may wish to use a woollen or silk bed-sock and a glove to keep the pads secure – not leather or latex.

Contact Plus 4 users who own a Spooky Coil can also use one generator with the coil taped to the skin, or beneath the body, instead of using a Spooky Remote. If you do this, you must ensure that the "BN" side of the coil is next to the skin.

2. Bathroom needs: when you wake, remember you're connected by wires to a generator which can be damaged if you inadvertently drag it off your bedside table. First, click the Pause button, then peel off both pads. When you return, reapply the pads, get into bed, and click Pause again. Please see the section on this topic above for an alternative strategy.

3. Herxing: this should not be a problem because one of your remote generators will be running a detox program non-stop. If it does happen, Contact Plus 4 users can load and run the RX Herxheimer - DB preset on one of their remote generators, then continue with treatment if possible. If not, run the CX Herxheimer - DB preset on the contact machine instead of the one you were running. Contact Plus 2 users will have to load the CX Herxheimer - DB preset on the contact machine in place of the preset that caused the herx. Keep a notebook and pen handy so you can note down the Step number you'd reached.

4. Voltage: most of the presets contain high-frequency programs which won't be a problem. But some contain low frequencies which may. All of these have damping and ramping set. If they're still too much, connect to the Colloidal Silver output.

C. Plasma Plus & Contact Plus day:

1. Treatment timings: all presets except for Remote start with a 60-second pause to allow you to get ready after you click Start. Between each program is a 10-second pause. In the first five presets, each program after a pause has a colon and two Step numbers after its name in the Notes to help you identify where pauses are located. If you intend to break up daytime treatments, it's best to do so after a pause. You can set Spooky2 to sound an alert at each one. You enable this in the Global and Settings tabs:


Tick this box for use during the day.

There's one more step before we're done.

Spooky2 allows audio alerts for each individual generator. So for every one you wish to use this feature on, you must first click the Control tab, open a Generator Control panel, then click the Settings tab, go to the Audio Options pane top right, and tick Notify when Zero Hz.


To save this setting for each of your presets, click the Presets
tab, then click the Save button.


Untick this box for use while sleeping.

You don't want any alerts to sound while you sleep.

So it's a good idea to check the Audio Options pane in the Settings tab for each of your generators to make sure that the Notify when Zero Hz checkbox is unticked. Go to the Control tab, open a Generator Control panel, then click the Settings tab to check.


To save this setting for each of your presets, click the Presets
tab, then click the Save button.

2. General: every time you need to visit the bathroom, answer the phone, cook or eat, you will have to click Pause in Spooky2, and remove TENS pads if using Contact Plus. When you're ready to resume, reapply the pads and click Pause again. If your

absence will be fairly long, you can also switch off Spooky Central if using it – but don't switch off generators or quit Spooky2.

In either plan, if you do't get enough time during the day to complete the preset, you can stop the generator, then use the Resume button next day to restart where you left off. Leave your remote generators running their current presets until you finish that contact or plasma preset.

Do not turn off any generators unless you're going to turn them all off. Switching off individual generators in a rig will cause Spooky2 to report communications errors at a prodigious rate which can affect the smooth operation of the other generators. Leaving unused generators switched on doesn’t use very much electricity - less than a night-light. However, Spooky Central can safely be switched off without affecting the rest of the rig.

Plasma, PEMF, and Ultrasonic are all safe to use on the head and neck. However, both SC Contact Mode and standard Contact Mode should not be used in these areas. Place a TENS pad on each shoulder close to the base of the neck instead.

SC Contact Mode, standard Contact Mode, or PEMF should never be used by people with pacemakers or electronic implants.

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