Does Spooky2 eradicate Lyme biofilms?

Thinking of eradicating the BioFilm is looking at the problem incorrectly IMHO, and there is no easy way to 'make it go away' in one step.

Because, the biofilm, is a Community, living in a Mass of material, like a small Domed City.
Like the Twin Towers, you need to put explosives there to blow it up, and then you now have Toxic Clouds that are harmful.
Blow up the BioFilm will release Toxins, you need to eliminate, even if you managed to kill all the pathogens.
Dr Gonzalez said Toxins from killing cancer cells Too fast can kill a patient. Slowly kill and still if you don't remove those toxins, the organs get overwhelmed.

It is a more complicated task...First to try and disassemble the BioFilm's Mass structure, second deal with the inhabitants, which could be several pathogens, Third remove the remnant toxins.

Stephen H Buhner the Master Herbalist discussed how Incredibly Intelligent the pathogens are, as Ali mentioned. We Zig, they Zag.

They are far wiser than we. They communicate with each other and Teach and Learn from each other. Discover how to alter our immune system, to their benefit, hide, and patiently wait until our antibiotics are gone before they re-emerge from hiding. They can wait YEARS if necessary.

I highly recommend his books on lyme and Co-infections. It would even help us using Hz and not herbs. Smart man!

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