Stand alone usage of XM generator with one frequency.

If you want to use the XM generator externally without a computer and if you want to use only one frequency you can do this:

1) Program your XM generator over the Spooky2 Software as you like.

2) START the XM generator over the CONTROL Tab within the Spooky2 Software and then press HOLD.

Do this manually on the XM generator:

Go to the Main menu of the Generator (should be there on Default), there you can see the Menu item MEM (F5)

Press F5 (MEM) - choose Memory Position 00 (if not activated turn the Dial to select memory position 00) - then press SAVE (F3)

Then you can disconnect the XM generator from USB and its Power Supply or turn it off.

Go anywhere you like. If you turn on your XM generator again, then it will load automatically the default setup saved at Memory Position 00 and you can use it with it's last settings.

(Best is to deactivate the "Frequency Wobble" option within the Spooky2 software before you do this.)

For more details, please check the link:

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