I am not sure if the PEMF coil is work as I cannot feel any sensation at all and it does not get hot like my other PEMF device.

I guess: You get these 600 Gauss only if you connect the Spooky Coil to the Spooky Central.

I know: If you connect it to the XM generator then you get around 1 Gauss.

In this case and because of the relative low current that flow through the coil it do not get hot.

For more details, please check the link from:

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    Jorg Kratzel

    I am not yet sure, to buy PEMF-Device or not for the XM generator, as I am not able to purchase the Spooky Central part.

    For me after this answer it looks, it is useless, because the power is next to 0.

    Is my guess wrong?


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