Shouldn't the spooky remote work as good or better than the plasma or contact modes (possibly instantly) since there should be no limitations?

I don't believe there is a definitive answer since there is no way at present to measure quantum effects. My description of how it works is this:

The plasma and contact methods of frequency transference work at a physical level where there is electricity going directly into the body or a physical electro-magnetic field interacting with the body. Remote is sending these signals (information) on a subtle energy highway where it is received by the body's auric field and the DNA antennae. Adjustments are made at an energy level which then manifest physically.

Let's use spoon bending as an example. One can take a spoon and physically bend it to any degree desired. One can also mentally bend a spoon. It takes a little longer to build up the necessary energy but the spoon *will* bend.

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