Are there any good frequencies and application methods to try and address presbyopia (the normal inflexibility in eye lenses that comes with older age). I do do eye exercises but was wondering if trying a PEMF application might be of benefit?

As Prof. Bates demonstrated 100 years ago, presbyopia has nothing to do with the eye lens hardening, but with the eye muscles becoming shorter due to the lack of use ( and probably to the accumulation of toxins). That shortening causes the eyeball to deformate, making the image to form after the retine, and thus being out of focus. You can check this simply by crossing your eyes, and see how the image instantly improves. When you cross your eyes, the eyeball momentarily un-deformates, and vision improves as long as your eyes remain crossed. This is also a very good exercise to do daily.

I haven't used the PEMF attachment with this condition, however, I recently began to use the preset I am sharing with you, with remote mode (and boost).

Still haven't got significant success, but, as I am dealing with the possible causes and not with the symptoms, I expect the improvement to be slow, but continuous.

It is very important to begin with the terrain protocol, to get rid of toxins causing the muscles to harden and shorten.

This set contains two programs to enhance the Human Growth Hormone production, so it is absolutely contraindicated to persons suffering from cancer, as that hormone enhances tumor growth very efficiently.

Please, if you use it, give feedback on improvements.

Edited to add the list of programs contained in the preset:
Muscles to Relax CAFL
Ophthalmoplegia KHZ
Relaxation to Produce CAFL
Schumann Resonance CAFL
Muscle Tonic CAFL
Muscles Stimulate Healing CAFL
Elastin production CUST
Eyesight to Improve XTRA
Refractive Errors KHZ
Eye disorders XTRA
Lumbar Compression XTRA


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