I have been running Terrain single-step detox. I'm currently on the Remove Metals section and my symptoms (brain fog/spasticity/hand numbness/ leg weakness - diagnosed with ms 22 years ago) have been getting worse since beginning this protocol.

1. To reduce the symptoms while you do a detox you have to drink much to flush the toxin out of your body and/or use Zeolite (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeolite) to bind the toxins.

And do not add toxins like coffee, cigarettes etc. while you doing it. Also most cosmetics contains toxic ingredients.

2. To help your immune system, you need high amounts of Vitamin C.

The natural source of Vitamin C is the Acerola Cherry.

I talk about 1 liter / day. This will be ca. 6 gram Vitamin C / day.

Or you can take synthetic Vitamin C if this solution is too expensive for you.

You may also need Vitamin D. To get it, go out into the sun and take a sun-bath or use synthetic Vitamin D (500 - 1000 ug / Day).

This will give also you more energy if you feeling tired.

For more details, please check the link:

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